DAUGHTERS OF SIMONE started out of a yearning to do something different in this big wide world of wedding dresses. The sisters behind the line, Ashley and Brittany Castanos citeindependence, self-determination and creativity as cornerstones of their formative years.


Their eye for the unorthodox never faltered. Ash and Brit are inspired by their mothers very own 1970’s off the shoulder wedding gown, backpacking trips throughIndonesia and Australia, and the soul-baring & tenacious women of the world who remind them to keep charging forward.


MADBRIDAL starts in 2015 by the hands of Madalena Braga. Madalena is from Lisbon, loves to travel, and to get acquainted and inspired by different cultures, art and heritages. That is what drives her on the daily basis to tackle her professional challenges.

Her fashion background coupled with her curiosity for art and graphic design resulted in a timeless style that translates to her work in a unique and creative way.


Bespoke, ethical bridalwear for the eco-conscious bride. Handmade in the UK from sustainable, hand-foraged pigments and re purposed textiles.


Dynamism, daring and above all creativity -  a wedding gown is pure emotion for both the designer and the bride. That’s why Rembo Styling give our designers creative freedom. Every dress is designed with passion in Belgium and made with love in Portugal.

They focus on innovation and service and the fact that they are in control of every aspect, from A to Z, makes all the difference.






Rue de Seine designs beautiful chic wedding gowns and bridal dresses for the modern bride inspired by the romance of the Rue de Seine.

Golden Rhapsody Collection 
Bask in the warmth & glow of Golden Rhapsody - A collection inspired by the rising sun and a kaleidoscope of hues that stretch across majestic lands. A celebration of texture, patterns, and life, all woven into the soul of every gown and inspired by the strength and heart of our brides.